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We are just ants in this big old universe of ours and even when us humans think that we rule the world we live in, these pictures will quickly show you that nature rules over us.

1) British Columbia Canada

This is a picture of Lizzy Gadd, set to the backdrop of the magnificent misty mountains of Canada.

t/h: Lizzy Gadd

2) Black Spur - Victoria, Australia

This was a portrait of Alex Wise on his trip to Black Spur in Australia.

t/h: Alex Wise

3) Arches National Park - Utah, United States

The human element of this cave showcases the sheer size of Arches National Park in Utah.

t/h: Marsel van Oosten

4) Peak District National Park - Greater Manchester, England

We live in a world of such utter beauty.  This picture depicts that beauty along with one of it's beautiful inhabitants.

t/h: Kai Yang

5) Iceland Moss

Lurie took his shoes off, so not to endanger the sensitive moss under his feet.  

t/h: Lurie Belegurschi

6) Abiqua Falls - Oregon, United States

Joshua Meador, pictured below with his dog, walks along Abiqua Falls.  You can check out all his pictures at Joshua's web site from the day he shot these.

t/h: Joshua Meador

7) Moravia - Central Europe, Czech Republic

Przemyslaw Kruk is seen in this picture standing alone, among the massive fields of Central Europe.

t/h: Przemyslaw Kruk

8) Mountains of Iceland

Max captures the allure and beauty of these 2 humans against the world's landscape.

t/h: Max Rive

9) Dolomite Valley - Northeastern Italy

The picture depicts man against nature in this grandperspective, up against mountain ranges in northeastern Italy.

t/h: Dmitriy Vorobey

10) Sahara Desert - Africa

Covering 3,600,000 square miles, this desert will eat you alive if you are not careful.  

t/h: Reinhard Gaemlich

11) Skogafoss Waterfall - Skógá River on the south side of Iceland

One of the largest waterfalls in the country, man is made into a mere morsel.

t/h: Wim Denijs

12) Republic of Belarus - Eastern Europe

The red dress in a sea of green forest.

t/h: Letohin

13) Badlands - Death Valley National Park, California

This human is dwarfed by the vast landscape of the Badlands.

t/h: Troy Montemayor

14) Czech Republic Trail

The tiny human walks down the shallow snowy walkway through what seems to be an endless line of tall evergreens.

t/h: Jan Machata

15) Shelter Cove - California, United States

This black sand beach against the white waves crashing make an amazing landscape for Casey, who grabbed a board and headed out while the camera did all the work.

t/h: Casey McCallister

16) Vatnajökull Ice Cap, Iceland

This picture is taken from the inside of one of the most spectacular ice caves in Iceland.    The ice is centuries old and because of the age, the ice has turned into crystal blue ice.

t/h: Örvar Atli Þorgeirsson

17) uiraing Landslip - Skye, Scotland

Found in the northern most summit within the Trotternish Ridge on the isle of Skye Scotland, this massive land form dwarfs this photographer Robert White.

t/h: Robert White

18) Karkonosze Mountains, Poland

Śnieżka is the highest point on the Karkonosze Mountains. This brave soul is pushing the limits of humanity.

t/h: Piotr Krzaczkowski

19)Super cell weather in Montana, United States

This once in a lifetime photo shoot shows the sheer power of nature against us.  Photographer Nicolaus takes a shot as his wife looks onward, toward this massive storm. 

t/h: Nicolaus Wegner

20) A Soul Ski Slope Runner

The patterns that we make in our day to day life, almost like intended artwork when viewed from above.

t/h: Peter Svoboda

21) Haines, Alaska, United States

Dane takes a leap in Alaska, down what seems like an endless drop against this snowy backdrop. 

t/h: Dane Tudor

22) South Iceland - Thorsmork

Conquering a mountain range is a rite of passage for some folks, however Max Rive makes it his life passion.

t/h: Max Rive

23) Positano, Italy

Hailing from Seattle Washington, Michael Matti took this photo against the vast colorful backdrop of Positano while touring Italy.

t/h: Michael Matti

24) A lone road in Stranocum, Ireland

Stephen captured this picture as the first rays of sun light crept through the trees and morning fog.  The "Dark Hedges" are a line of beech trees planted by the Stuart family in the 18th century.

t/h: Stephen Emerson

25) Dolomites, Italy

Just off the cliffs of Cadini of Misurina, Dolomites, Italy, Francesco stands alone overlooking this vast landscape.

t/h: Francesco Vaninetti

26) Landmannalaugar, Iceland

Off the trail in Iceland, this track of land is difficult to get to due to the strong glacier rivers and erosive mountains.

t/h: Max Rive

27) Trolltunga (AKA: Troll's Tongue), Norway

Alex sends his girl up to the troll like rock to perform with perfect balance.

t/h: Alex Emanuel Koch

28) Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada

Without the pollution of light, Henry takes this wonderful stargazing photo at night overlooking Lake Huron.

t/h: Henry Liu

29) Sea of Broken Dreams - Nova Scotia, Canada

Leah Johnston, scared that she might loose her life during this photo shoot, takes this photo against nature that is so passionate.

t/h: Leah Johnston

30) Lake Ontario Canada

Matt walked on to the ice on Lake Ontario at sunset and was surrounded by an endless shattered lake of ice.

t/h: Matt Malloy

31) Great Slave Lake, Northwesst Territories, Canada

It took days and nights to get this photo, but the outcome is pure exquisite.     Coupled with a glowing stick, the aurora of  the night was amazing.

t/h: Régis Matthey

32) Milky Way Desert Photo

Tomer waited for years to get this shot when the night sky and the milky way were aligned just right.

t/h: Tomer Yaffe

33) Skógafoss Waterfall in Iceland

The lady in the red dress.  Lizzy is her name.  She says, this was one of the moments where I felt most alive, dancing in the freezing falling mist under the waterfall.

t/h: Lizzy Gadd

34) The Balconies in the Grampians - Australia

Also out of view is another cliff above Dylan that makes this landscape look like a jaws of death.

t/h: Dylan Gehlken

35) Point Reyes, California

Michael waits and waits until the milky way, and the universe above, is in view to shoot this magnificent photo of man against nature.

t/h: Michael Shainblum

Wow, what a wonderful post of how us humans are just a spec of dust against this wonderful world we live in.  Don't take it for granted!  Go forth and explore everything it has to offer.

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