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Have you ever wondered what our world would look like if we humans one day ceased to exist. Would nature take over again? These 19 pictures give you a glimpse into that world without us. Nature is an amazing power...

The Old Piano Tree

I am amazed how this happened, but none the less this tree has consumed this piano.  This piano is in the state of California.

Image Credit:Crackoala

Concrete Building in Hong Kong

You would think that concrete buildings would be no match for nature, but think again.

Image Credit: Romain JL

Abandoned "Little Belt" Railroad in Paris

Also known as La Petite Ceinture, this used to be a heavily commuted railway in Paris, France but closed down in 1934.   However, nature has made spectacle of the place with it's fields of pink flowers.  Beautiful! 

Image Credit: MN Chic

Bicycle Tree

This famous tree holds within its grasps a bicycle.  The locals call this the "Bicycle Eaten By A Tree".  How original!  This treasure is located in the woods off the Vashon Highway on Vashon Island in Washington.  This must have taken decades upon decades to create.

Image Credit: Ethan Welty Photography

Shopping Mall in Bangkok, Thailand

This shopping mall was closed in 1997, however in 1999 the roof fell in during a rainy season.  This caused an outbreak of mosquito's around the area due to all the water just sitting around.    To combat this, the locals threw fish in the water to eat the mosquito's.  This then create this spectacle through out this abandoned mall. 

Image Credit: Julija K

Abandoned Mill - Sorrento, Italy

Nature has almost fully reclaimed this old gem.  This is a old mill from years back that they used in Italy.

Image Credit: Jason Wallace

Abandoned Ferris Wheel

Just a random piece of history sitting abandoned along side the road.  Kyle stopped here during a cross-country road trip with his wife.  He snapped this beauty of nature while in route to his destination.

Image Credit: Kyle Telechan

Vintage Automobiles - Belgium

This is practically a traffic jam in the words of vintage cars left for nature to consume them.  

Image Credit: Rosanne de Lange Photography

Namibia, Africa

This shot was actually profiled on the cover of National Geographic Magazine and shows the remains of the small ghost town in Nambia that surfaced a diamond find in the early 1900's.  Now it has been left to be taken over by the Namid Desert.

Image Credit: Marsel Van Oosten

Chemin de fer de Petite Ceinture - Paris

The "Little Belt" in Paris was in service from 1852 to 1934, but has been abandoned since.  

Image Credit: Pierre Folk

Sydney, Australia - Abandoned Ship

Built in 1911 and later abandoned here in 1972, the SS Ayrfield sits here covered in nature making it's last attempt to overtake this vessel.  This ship is over 100 years old.

Image Credit: Andy Brii

Amazing Tree Roots

This is nature trying it's hardest to find a solid foundation.  I want to find ground, I want to find ground.  

Image Credit: Imgur

Kilgarvan, Ireland

This abandoned mansion in Ireland is overgrown with nature's finest greenery which is taking this building a part one brick at a time.  

Image Credit: Sam Abell

Abkhazia - Train Depot

This is an abandoned train station in a highly disputed piece of territory on the east side of the black sea.   One day nature will reclaim this architecture.

Image Credit: Ilya Varlamov

Cooling Plant - Belgium

Located in Monceau, Belgium, this photo shows a massive cooling tower that could cool up to 480,000 gallons of water per minute.  Now it just sits abandoned waiting for nature to consume it back into the earth.

Image Credit: brokenview

This is quite the spooky video if the cooling tower today.

Kamchatka, Russia

This abandoned fishing town in Russia is in decay.  These fishermen's towns were popular up until the USSR ceased to exist and then they became unnecessary and economically not profitable.  The ocean is slowly taking this building back to the earth.

Image Credit: English Russia

Angkor, Cambodia

Image Credit: Ta Prohm

Abandoned Hotel

The TV still sits waiting for the next guest to arrive that will never arrive.

Image Credit: Matthias Haker Photography

Pripyat, Ukraine

This city holds a deep dark secret that few know anything about.  This city is home to the world's worst nuclear disaster ever.  It was called the Chernobyl Disaster and it occurred on April 26th 1986.  This disaster led to the immediate and permanent evacuation of this city, never to be revisited again.  There are still cancers and other deformities being reported from this disaster.   

Image Credit: Castle Maine Independent

h/t: pulptastic

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